Lamilux PR60 Glass Roof System

Some examples of our PR60 glazed roof installations

More than just a rooflight...

The PR60 is a premium atrium roof glazing system without any design limitations of shape, inclination or size. The mullion/transom system is specifically designed for roof glazing (and not an adapted facade curtain walling system), and has therefore been tested and certified watertight even at very shallow inclinations of < 2 degree's. The inner seal and water drainage system, provides efficient ventilation around the glazing, and controlled water management.

Key features at-a-glance

  • Tested, certified & CE marked to BS EN 13830
  • Mullion/transom roof glazing system for designs of any shape, inclination and size
  • Outstanding watertightness (even at < 2 degree's): Class RE 1950
  • Exceptional airtightness to Class AE 3000
  • Unsurpassed resistance to wind load to 2000Pa / 3000Pa (storm safety)
  • Certified factory production control to BS EN 1090-3
  • Framework supplied to your choice of any RAL colour
  • Wide range of options and accessories
  • Optional integrated vent for natural and/or BS EN 12101-2 certified smoke ventilation

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