Lamilux Smoke Vent AOV Rooflights


Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation solutions for all types of rooflight

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (nSHEV) roof lights are life saving building components, and it is a legal requirement under the CPR to use only tested, certified and CE marked (EN 12101-2) products. We offer a wide range of independently certified smoke vents, and all are tested and CE marked to EN 12101-2, offering complete assurance and compliance. This page details our automatically opening vent (AOV) F100 roof light dome, available up-to a roof opening size of 1500x3000mm (Aa = 3.38m²) and opens to 172° in less than 60 seconds, via a robust 24v motor that can also be used for daily ventilation and roof access.

Key features at-a-glance

  • Tested, certified & CE marked to BS EN 12101-2
  • Opens to 172° in less than 60 seconds
  • The 24v motor can be installed off-set for roof access functionality.
  • Spoilers (wind deflectors) are included, to improve the aerodynamic free area
  • Thermally insulated GRP upstand in a choice of heights: 300, 400 & 500mm's
  • Wide range of standard sizes, with Aa values of up-to 3.38m²
  • Wide variety of glazing options, also with solid insulated panel when daylighting not required.
  • Other CE marked nSHEV's available (call us for more details):
    A) integrated smoke vents: PR60 glass roofs, polycarbonate continuous rooflights
    B) aluminium framed glass rooflights: single and double flap systems
    C) louvres: metal and glazed

Technical Brochure

NBS Plus Product Specifications

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