Upstands for modular rooflights on flat roofs

What is an upstand?

An upstand, which is sometimes referred to as the kerb (or curb), is the mounting for a rooflight; it provides the interface between the flat roof and the rooflight.

It is best practice for an upstand to be at least 150mm high above the flat roof.

An upstand may be either constructed by the builder (builder's kerb) or supplied by us with the rooflight.

We can supply our modular flat roof skylights to either fix directly with our fit adapter, to a builder's kerb or with our insulated upstand.

Why choose a DVS upstand over a builders kerb?:

  1. Better U-Values: our upstands are fully insulated, which reduces heat loss and prevents condensation issues.
  2. Reduced Installation Time: our rooflights are delivered pre-mounted to the upstand, saving you time and money.
  3. No Internal Decoration: there is no need to plasterboard and decorate the inside of our upstand, as it is delivered pre-finished in pure matt white.
  4. Optimum Light Distribution: the inclined shape of our upstand directs more daylight, channelling it deeper into the building.
  5. Dimensionally Perfect: no confusion over dimensions...other suppliers ask you for the "overall weathered upstand size" or "internal roof opening size" or "structural opening size". Buy our rooflight with our upstand, and the hassle and potential for costly measuring errors is eliminated.
  6. Cost Saving: save the cost of the labour and materials for creating a builders kerb, which could amount to at least £350 +VAT each!
  7. Choice of Heights: you can choose our insulated upstands in the following heights: 150, 300, 400 & 500mm, to suit every kind of flat roofing build-up.

We therefore recommend using our fully insulated upstand, as this will save you money, time and potentially costly mistakes.

Our insulated upstand:
Insulated upstand

A typical "builders kerb":

Builders upstand/kerb

A lot of materials and labour has gone into constructing this builders kerb, which is poorly insulated and will need to be internally finished with plasterboard, skim and paint. All of these costs can be avoided by using our proprietary insulated upstand.