Environmental Product Declarations for rooflights: A UK first for DVS

DVS (Daylight & Ventilation Solutions) has become the first UK rooflight company to provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all rooflight domes, continuous rooflights and large-area glazed roof constructions. The company is the sole UK supplier of the high quality German-made Lamilux range of daylighting products.

EPDs provide comprehensive information on the environmental impacts of products, allowing their contribution to the sustainability performance of a building to be assessed. These analyses, which consider the entire product life cycle, will be of particular interest to planners and architects aiming for Green Building certification of their buildings, or for certification in line with BREEAM and other international sustainable building standards.

EPDs are issued subject to the specifications in the BS EN 15804 standard and allow valid conclusions on the environmental impact of a product to be drawn – from production and raw materials, through the consumption of resources throughout the product's service life, to its removal and disposal – from the cradle to the grave.

EPD certification of the Lamilux products was carried out in Germany, by ift Rosenheim, a leading testing and certification specialist for construction products. Sustainability consultant Martin Blumberg, said: “ Whether or not a building is sustainable, is largely determined by the materials used. Lamilux has clearly demonstrated, in attaining these EPDs, that its products play a positive role in the holistic sustainability consideration of buildings.”